Apply as a Graduate or Professional Student

Funding a graduate or professional education is a challenge for many students. As students seek financial support for their studies, they should first look to their academic department or professional school for assistance.

Grants and Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid does NOT award scholarships or fellowships for graduate students. The primary source of information for such opportunities is the academic department or professional school in which the student is enrolled or plans to enroll. These links may help:

School of Education Financial Aid Information - information on School of Education scholarships and graduate assistantships.

Law School Financial Aid Information - additional information for Law students concerning financial aid, Virginia in-state tuition, and scholarships.

Mason School of Business Full-time MBA Program Financial Aid Information- additional information for full-time MBA students regarding scholarships and graduate assistantships.

Arts & Sciences Funding Opportunities - a list of funding opportunities for graduate students in Arts & Sciences programs.

School of Marine Science (VIMS) Funding Opportunities - a list of funding and award opportunities for current and prospective School of Marine Science students.

Student Loans

The Office of Financial Aid can offer only student loans to graduate students. Students must determine how much they borrow based on their personal resources, the length of their program, and their ultimate career plans. If students believe they will require assistance beyond scholarships, grants, or fellowships, the Office of Financial Aid offers several loans that will be helpful. However, the Office cannot certify more than the total cost of the student's program, which includes cost of living allowances. In order to qualify for Title IV federal aid (Direct Unsubsidized and Direct Grad PLUS Loans), students must meet all eligibility requirements and file the FAFSA.  Before filing the FAFSA, you should take a look at our list of common application errors.

Students should consider their loan debt and examine their budgets to minimize expenses in an effort to avoid the temptation to borrow too much. Consult the loan payment calculator on to see what monthly payments will be after graduation to help determine how much loan money to borrow.

More detailed information for financing your graduate education and loan information for the upcoming academic year can be found in the "Graduate Guide to Financial Aid."

Financial Aid for Health Insurance Coverage