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FAFSA/CSS Profile Filing Dates


Priority filing dates for new and returning students as it relates to the CSS Profile and FAFSA.

Full Description

Note:  Two new federal financial aid regulations are taking effect for the 2017-18 school year. 

  • First, “prior prior” year aid processing is being implemented, which will result in calendar year 2015 income, rather than the traditional  “prior” year, which would have been 2016, information being used for the 2017-18  year.  This will result in improved processing, as you will likely be able to electronically retrieve your 2015 tax information to help complete the FAFSA. 
  • Second, you can now submit the 2017-18 FAFSA and Profile as early as October 1, 2016.  However, you are not required to file this early, as our aid deadlines are quite a bit later than that date.  We will not begin to review continuing students until early summer of 2017 for 2017-18 awarding.

Early Decision students:  FAFSA and CSS Profile priority filing by 11/15, with a final date of 12/12.  However, you may not receive your aid decision before William & Mary closes for the Winter break in December if you chose to file with the later deadline.

Regular Decision students:  FAFSA and CSS Profile priority filing by 2/1, with a 3/1 final date.  You will be able to file beyond the final date, however you may not receive your aid decision before you have to make a deposit decision on May 1.  

Transfer students for spring:  FAFSA and CSS Profile by 11/15.

Transfer students for fall:  FAFSA and CSS Profile by 3/1.

Returning undergraduate students:  FAFSA only by 4/15.

Please note that filing the CSS Profile and the FAFSA are only necessary if you are seeking need-based financial aid.  They are not used in decisions relating to the awarding of merit-based resources.

Our FAFSA School Code is 003705, and our CSS Profile code is 5115.

Filing Summary Table
Priority Date
Final Filing Date
Early Decision
Regular Decision
Transfer (spring)
Transfer (fall)
Continuing *Do NOT
File the CSS Profile*

Applications received after these dates WILL NOT be guaranteed grant consideration. Funds are LIMITED, so apply on time!