Academic Resources for Undergraduates

Helping you help yourself.

From the day you step foot on the William & Mary campus, we've got your academic back. First, you'll sit down with your academic advisor to choose your first-semester courses and draft a rough four-year plan for where you want to go and how to get there. We'll encourage you to think broadly and take some courses in disciplines and fields that you know nothing about.

If one of your first picks turns out to be less of a fit than you expected, during the first week of classes you can swap it and try another one. And if you ever forget what time class starts and when final exams arrive, refer to the handy online schedule of classes and academic calendars.

As the semester unfolds, we have plenty of academic resources to help you succeed. Start with exploring Swem Library, where you will find the Office of Academic Advising, the Writing Resources Center, and the Tribe Tutor Zone.

Want to learn more about interdisciplinary programs or funding for research? Then the Roy R. Charles Center is the place to visit. And the Cohen Career Center is ready to meet you anytime to provide guidance and opportunities to explore your interests, find your path and plan for your future.

Learn more about our academic resources: