William & Mary


A William & Mary education is a global education.

Imagine creating your own documentary film in St. Petersburg, Russia. Or studying for a joint degree in St Andrews, Scotland. Or walking across campus to hear visiting dignitaries and diplomats speak. For many W&M students these aren't dreams – they're memories.

Over 45% of undergraduates study abroad in their W&M careers, a participation rate so high that William & Mary was ranked as the top public university for 2014. From Goa to Galway, Singapore to Seville, Leiden to La Plata, Tribe pride is truly global.

Even without leaving campus, international education is a reality at William & Mary. Fulbright and visiting international scholars are active across the College, and international enrollment has never been higher. Gaining a global perspective isn't just a benefit of a William & Mary education – it's a requirement.

The College of William & Mary offers students a variety of resources for international endeavors coordinated by the Reves Center for International Studies. A few include: