FAQs about Tribe Mascot Auditions

When will the new mascot be announced? Will it be the Griffin, the King and Queen, the Phoenix, the Pug, or the Wren?

The work of the mascot committee continues and we believe we'll be able to announce something this spring. In the meantime, we're  dealing with some of the other moving parts that need to be in place. One of these moving parts is the selection of the student or students who will help bring the concept to life and really energize Tribe faithful.

Won't it be difficult for students to audition for an undisclosed mascot?

No. The qualities we'll be looking for are not tied to a specific mascot. Regardless of the mascot we choose, we'll need a student who can personify Tribe Pride!

What kind of person will the selection committee be looking for?

Here are some of the things we'll be looking for someone who is:

  • entertaining and funny
  • a performer
  • friendly and engaging with a crowd
  • enthusiastic and energic
Who will be on the selection panel for the mascot auditions?

The College will receive professional assistance in both the search for and training of the student(s) who will serve as the mascot.  We will be working with Raymond Entertainment Group.

Will the Tribe mascot auditions be open to the public?

No, all portions of auditions are closed to the public. Only applicants and the selection panel will attend the auditions.

What will the audition be like? How should I prepare?

Complete details about the audition process and how to prepare will be provided to those selected for an audition. You can expect a short interview and a chance to perform for the selection panel.

Is the W&M mascot position a volunteer position?

Yes, it is a voluteer position.