Overview of the Plan

Our strategic plan emphasizes our need to break boundaries in several areas. Among those is our desire to become more globally engaged. We recognize the critical importance of the expanded flow of information and cultural perspectives that know few national boundaries. We will increase our global connections at all levels – students, faculty and staff – and across virtually all of our programs. This is not an option. It is absolutely essential. As an integral part of that strategy, we will work to expand our international reputation for academic excellence, so we can forge stronger and more effective global partnerships. In 2013-2014 W&M enrolled 575 undergraduate and graduate students representing 55 countries. Among all public universities, W&M ranks first in terms of percentage of undergraduates studying abroad, 45 percent in 2013-2014. On every continent, W&M is engaged in collaborative research, innovative teaching, and community engagement to promote understanding and to solve problems. We will do even more in each of those areas.

Our review in 2012-2013 placed such emphasis on the importance of becoming more globally engaged that we identified that area as one of our key challenges, joining six others that have been integral parts of our strategic plans for the past five years. Our seven challenges are now as follows:

  • Be a leader among liberal arts universities.
  • Build and support a more fully diverse W&M community.
  • Foster stronger global perspectives and connections.
  • Develop an ever more engaging campus experience that inspires a lifelong commitment to W&M.
  • Implement a business plan that maximizes revenue sources and ensures transparent resource allocation in support of College priorities and needs.
  • Provide the administrative resources and infrastructure required for a university in the 21st century.
  • Explain and promote W&M through an even more effective communications structure and strategy.

In short, as illustrated below, we will be a leading liberal arts university, a welcoming community, globally engaged, connected to graduates for a lifetime, appropriately staffed and equipped for the 21st century, in touch with all our people in ways they want to communicate and resting on a solid financial foundation capable of funding our aspirations.

Plan Overview