Lifelong Commitment

Develop an ever more engaging campus experience that inspires a lifelong commitment to W&M.

Goal 1

Forge lifelong relationships with W&M.

  1. Develop a program that crystallizes and expands W&M's efforts to build lifelong ties with a critical mass of alumni, define the data required to support the program and design and deploy supporting database systems.
  2. Improve coordination of academic advising and career counseling activities across campus. Strengthen alumni network support for graduates.
Goal 2

Create a community that values life in balance.

  1. Integrate learning across all phases of the student experience.  
    • Implement William & Mary signature experiential leadership development opportunities available to all students by FY18 that build on learning in applied settings, global experiences, athletic, club and service experiences, and career and academic counseling.
    • Begin replacement of the current Campus Center, which is past its useful life, with a re-envisioned building by FY18, if appropriate funding streams can be identified.  The new Campus Center will provide space for essential student services and student organization support in such areas as student governance, leadership development, civic engagement, student diversity, 400+ recognized student clubs, learning support, dining services and more. It will also house Student Affairs offices.
  2. Continue to support the William & Mary model of intercollegiate athletics with its emphasis on "the balanced pursuit of academic and athletic excellence" as an integral part of the W&M experience, and sustain and enhance those opportunities for outstanding student-athletes through continued institutional support and increased private funding.
Goal 3

Improve the campus residential experience.

  1. Together with the Real Estate Foundation, explore options for additional student housing near the campus and by FY18 provide 200+ beds beyond those being added to the inventory through the fraternity housing project. [This was completed in FY14]