Global Perspectives

Foster stronger global perspectives and connections.

We recognize the critical importance of the expanded flow of information and cultural perspectives that now know few national boundaries. We will increase our global connections at all levels – students, faculty and staff – and across virtually all of our programs. This is not an option. It is absolutely essential. As an integral part of that strategy, we will work to expand our international reputation for academic excellence, so we can forge stronger and more effective global partnerships. In 2013-2014 W&M enrolled more than 550 undergraduate and graduate students representing 55 countries. Among all public universities, W&M ranks first in terms of percentage of undergraduates studying abroad. On every continent, W&M is engaged in collaborative research, innovative teaching, and community engagement to promote understanding and to solve problems. We will do even more in each of those areas.

Goal 1

Advance the global engagement and reputation of the university. 

  1. Establish and sustain signature international research partnerships on each continent by FY16.
Goal 2

Open doors of opportunity for W&M students and faculty to participate in global learning, research and service, both at home and abroad. 

  1. Increase opportunities for student global experiences with the goal of providing 60% of W&M undergraduate students a study-abroad experience prior to graduation by FY 2018.
  2. Expand programs through the D.C. office, as a point of communication with the nation and the broader world to reach more students by FY18 and take even more advantage of domestic and international policy opportunities, including those in international aid.
Goal 3

Support the dynamic W&M community of international students, scholars and staff. 

  1. Sustain an international student community of no fewer than 600 students each year, with at least 60 countries represented by FY18, and provide expanded support for them.
Goal 4

Ensure effective administration and sustainability of W&M's international activities.