Support a more fully diverse W&M community.

Goal 1

Communicate W&M's commitment to diversity.

  1. Improve coordination across organizations dealing with diversity issues
  2. Recognize individuals and organizations that help to celebrate diversity 
  3. Increase outreach to underrepresented alumni groups
Goal 2

Ensure a welcoming and supportive campus.

  1. Educate the W&M workforce about diversity issues
  2. Align unit and university diversity plans
  3. Continue the momentum of the Lemon Project
Goal 3

Increase the diversity of the student body, faculty and staff.

  1. Assess affirmative action outcomes and update annual plans
  2. Explore and implement the most effective ways of identifying and considering highly qualified job candidates from under-represented groups

(These steps are coordinated by the W&M Diversity Committee, which also tracks implementation.)