Administration and Infrastructure

Provide the administrative resources and infrastructure required for a university in the 21st century.

Goal 1

Engage, support and retain a highly regarded workforce.

Goal 2

Provide robust and dynamic infrastructure for campus-wide IT system needs to support the academic program and administrative functions.

Goal 3

Ensure that the College has the type and quality of facilities needed to explore, teach and learn in the 21st century and which present the College in a competitive light for prospective faculty, students and staff.

Goal 4

Provide a safe and secure environment.

Goal 5

Become a model of sustainable operations.

Implementation Steps

Provide the resources needed for systematic improvements in:

  • Staff development
  • Maintenance and operations support
  • Reduction of the maintenance backlog
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Sustainability, to include steady improvements in energy efficiency

Provide appropriate instructional and research space. Design spaces that support strategic initiatives and facilitate expanded opportunities for collaboration and interdisciplinary work. Spaces anticipated by FY18 include renovation of Tucker Hall by FY13, completion of ISC phase 3 by FY16, renovation of Tyler Hall, and progress toward construction/expansion of arts facilities.

Provide appropriate technology infrastructure with sufficient bandwidth to support aggressive expansion in research, eLearning opportunities and support functions. Develop a plan to make appropriate annual progress through FY18. Also explore opportunities for cost savings.