William and Mary

Student Affairs Staff Incentive Program

How It Works
  • Check back here regularly for this semester's learning opportunities (updated weekly)
  • Attend any four (4) programs between September 1 and April 30 (see who has completed all four!)
  • Report your attendance and get your Staff Engagement passport stamped
  • Once you complete four (4) programs, you:
    1) select 1 of 3 prizes (lunch tote, picnic blanket, or umbrella).
    2) become eligible to win an additional prize from one of our local sponsors
Five Core Areas


Communication, Training, & Skill Enhancement - Sharing information in innovative ways; technical & job-specific training such as Banner, travel regulations, and computer programs; mentoring


Leadership, Management, & Assessment - Skills related to supervision, motivation, and conflict resolution; leadership skills such as setting a vision and effecting change; assessment techniques

student success

Student Success & Support - Skills related to providing support or guidance to students, assisting in student learning and development, interaction with parents and families

common ground

Common Ground - Understanding ethical standards and diverse views, celebrating differences, volunteering

personal foundations

Personal Foundations - Skills related to developing a work-life balance such as seminars in financial management, personal fitness plans, etc.