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Core Values

The 2009-10 Student Affairs strategic planning committee drafted the following list of core values for the division, which were presented to the entire Student Affairs staff for comment in January 2010.  The final version was approved by the Vice President on February 15, 2010.

  • Celebration
    We encourage and carry out activities that recognize achievement, support innovation, celebrate tradition, welcome humor and a sense of play, and affirm the contributions of individuals and groups in our community.
  • Collaboration
    We work together on tasks and activities by sharing time, resources, and expertise with individuals and offices. We share responsibility and embrace the strengths and abilities of one another while working toward common goals.
  • Inclusion
    We value the uniqueness of people and perspectives. We embrace and celebrate one another’s differences, talents, and abilities.
  • Integrity
    We maintain open and transparent decision-making in all processes through the departments and division to the greatest extent possible.  We work together with fairness and cooperation, and act in ways that are consistent with our values.
  • Professional Excellence
    We strive to be exceptional in all that we do by establishing and achieving high expectations. We distinguish ourselves through activities that invest and contribute to the future of the division, institution, and profession.
  • Respect
    We treat each individual with high regard, appreciation, and courtesy.  We honor the contributions of individuals and departments.
  • Student Centeredness
    We remember that students are central to our mission and we encourage and promote the student voice.  Our work is guided by a commitment to their holistic development and learning.