Update - Historic Campus Utility Project

Full Description

April 2, 2012

  • Trenching/laying of the new distribution lines to the Wren Building in the South Wren yard is complete.
  • Trenching/ laying of hot and cold water pipe for new utilities to the Brafferton and Kitchen will be complete no later than April 6th.  The Brafferton renovation project will connect to the new distribution lines at a later date. 
  • Starting April 3rd the currently closed sidewalks from Campus Center to south east side of the Wren Building and east to west side walk south of the Wren Building will be reopened.  For 4 or 5 days the side walk from Campus Center to the west side of the Brafferton Kitchen will be closed once the mentioned sidewalks are opened.
  • Restoration in the South Wren yard has started and  the South Brafferton yard will start after April 6th.  All will be complete no later than April 13th.
  • Several mechanical spaces are currently being worked in including the Wren Building.
  • Work at Bryan complex is finishing up and outside will be fully restored no later than April 6th.

A map of the area around the Wren Building is provided to show the side walk closures and phases of the current construction.

A map of the area is provided to assist your understanding of the project.