College Curriculum Goals

The principles state that William & Mary COLL courses should:

  1. Be taught to the extent possible by William & Mary faculty (TE and continuing NTE).
  2. Provide an integrated intellectual experience during the undergraduate years that encourages students to make coherent and meaningful interconnections across disciplines.
  3. Help students acquire knowledge and develop the skills and habits of critical and creative thinking and expression.
  4. Explore the methodologies and epistemologies of the various academic disciplines, along with how they differ from and form synergies with one another.
  5. Be structured in such a way that faculty are able to apply their best scholarly and creative work to all undergraduate students.
  6. Encourage faculty to focus their attention not only on their respective major fields but also on the ways in which their fields contribute to the broader Liberal Arts.
  7. Enlarge our students' global perspective through an experience of the world beyond campus.
  8. Foster a sense of academic community among students and faculty.
  9. Provide an active learning experience beyond the student's area of expertise.