William and Mary

Student Conduct and Honor Appeals Board

The Board hears appeals concerning rulings of the Honor and Student Conduct Council.

  • Committee is appointed
  • Term:  3 years
  • Advisory:  Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Chair:  None
Membership (2013-14)

*Tonya Boone
Rob Byrd
Lizbeth Jackson
Eric Han
*Richard Lowry
Mike Stump
Lea Theodore
*Neal Tognazzini
Eva Wong
*Christy Porter, Alternate

*Patrick Beaudoin
*Paige Bettge
*Michael Collett
*Brian Cruikshank
Chris Connolly
*Lea Deskins
*John Drummond
*Cort Enoksen
*Rebecca Herries
*Julie Hummel
*Matthew LaCaze
*Sarah Lambert
*Mary Mullins
*Doo Hyun Nam
*Molly Perry
*Jacob Ramey
*Amy Runge
*Sarah Schnorrenberg
*William Shiflett
Sean Youn
*Tao Wang
4 TBA (graduate)

*indicates new member