William and Mary

Student Conduct Council

This body has the responsibility for adjudicating charges of alleged misconduct by students and imposing fair sanctions as provided in the Student Handbook.  The Student Conduct Council is comprised of faculty, staff and students.  Members of the Student Conduct Council will be trained to serve as panel members on Student Conduct Panels.

  • Committee is appointed
  • Term:  3 years
  • Advisory:  Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Chair:  Elected by Committee
Membership (2013-14)

Tim Costelloe
Margie Cook
Bob Gough
*Steve Holliday
James Heller
Brian Hulse
Darcy Johnson
*Don Rahtz
Rich Schofield
Sandra Ward
Elizabeth Wiley

Trici Fredrick
Katrina Pawvluk    
Shylan Scott
*Elizabeth Miller

*Feri Amsari
*Maria Arbizo
Emily Bessler
*Susan Buyrn
Neal Desai
*Hank Evans
Taylor Feenstra
Grace Fernandez
*Diana Hernandez
*Caitlyn Hickman
*Jan Huebenthal
*Michelle Johnson
Briana List
Matthew McCarron
James Moyler
Nuha Naqvi
*William Nixon
*Tanisha McNeil
*David Nguyen
Ethan Pearlstein
*Ryan Polk
*Daniel Salmon
*Madeline Schultz
*Matthew Schliep
Mary-Gray Southern
*Cassandra Zanone
3 TBA (graduate)      

*indicates new member