Parking Advisory Committee

The Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Vice President for Administration on parking policy issues, including but not limited to the decal pricing system, allocation and reallocation of spaces and parking fine amounts.

  • Committee is appointed
  • Term:  3 years (faculty), 1 year (students)
  • Advisory:  Vice President, Administration
  • Chair:  Elected by Committee
Membership (2014-15)

Mike Pritchett, Chair
Deborah Basket
Jennifer Cross
Terry Fassanella
James Heller
Deborah Noonan
Don Rahtz
Tina Sinclair
George Vadas
*Douglas Young
Cynthia Glavas, Ex Officio
Bill Horacio, Ex Officio

*Brianna Buch
*Douglas Cheek
*Kelly Christiansen
*Andrew Wilke
Sean Koebley
1 TBA (Undergrad)

*indicates new member