Licensing Code of Conduct Committee

  The Licensing Code of Conduct Committee is dedicated to advising and educating campus on the process and value of purchasing goods from socially responsible manufacturers and vendors.

  The College of William & Mary has adopted a Licensing Code of Conduct that sets manufacturing standards that protect workers and the environment. The code sets minimum standards for wages, benefits, health and safety. It protects workers' freedom of association and bans child labor.

  William & Mary’s Licensing Code of Conduct Committee was created by the Provost in 2011 and is comprised of faculty, students, and administrators dedicated to the Code’s implementation and enforcement. The Committee works with committed licensees, the Worker Rights Consortium, and other interested parties to enforce the Code’s standards.

The College of William and Mary is committed to sustainable environmental and fair labor laws. The College is affiliated with the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) to help ensure that products with William and Mary trademarks are not produced by manufactures using abusive labor practices. Manufacturers licensed with William and Mary are contractually obligated to uphold to the university’s Licensing Code of Conduct (LCOC) to ensure the manufacturers are respecting workers’ rights.