Information Technology Steering Committee

The fundamental goal of the Committee is to further institutional goals through the effective use of coordinated information technologies. The Committee makes recommendations about the planning, funding, and prioritization of campus-wide technology projects and initiatives and offers advice on technology-related issues.

  • Committee is appointed
  • Term:  3 years
  • Advisory:  Provost
  • Chair:  Provost and Assoc. Provost for Information Technology
Membership (2017-18)
Michael Halleran, Co-Chair
Courtney Carpenter, Co-Chair
Ginger Ambler
Till Schreiber
Sal Saporito
Keith Griffioen
*Gene Roche
Laura Heymann
Carrie Cooper
Terry Driscoll
Henry Broaddus
Sam Jones
Dennis Manos
Tom Ward
John Wells
*Paul Blossom
Matthew Lambert, Ex Officio
Kent Erdahl, Ex Officio
Berni Kenney, Ex Officio
Pete Kellogg, Ex Officio
Rachel Pace, Ex Officio
Michael Murphy, Ex Officio
Michele Jackson, Ex Officio
Corinne Picataggi, Ex Officio

*indicates new member