Faculty University Priorities Committee

The Faculty University Priorities Committee (FUPC) reports to the Faculty Assembly and is advisory to the President and Provost on university priorities. The Committee is charged with providing faculty input in setting priorities for strategic planning and budgeting. It is not restricted to consideration of academic priorities.

The Committee prepares an annual report to the President and Provost that identifies priorities and makes recommendations for future budgets. The Faculty Priorities Committee receives reports and briefings on the annual operating budget and considers relevant budget matters arising in the annual budget preparation process. In times of financial exigency, the Faculty Priorities Committee serves as the Budget Planning Advisory Committee did in the past to assist the President, Provost and Vice Presidents in developing principles and setting priorities for budget reductions.

  • Committee is appointed
  • Term:  3 years (faculty), 1 year (students)
  • Advisory:  Provost and President
  • Chair:  Provost and Committee on Planning and Resources (COPAR) Chair
  • About the Committee (pdf)

Michael Halleran, Co-Chair
*Berhanu Abegaz, Co-Chair
*Liz Barnes
*Eric Chason
Bill Cooke
*David Dessler
*John Eisele
*Chris Gareis
Courtney Harris
*Scott McCoy
*Patricia Vahle
1 TBA (Chair of Faculty Compensation Board)
Virginia Ambler, Ex Officio
*Nicky Bell, Ex Officio
Susan Bosworth, Ex Officio
*Henry Broaddus, Ex Officio
Carrie Cooper, Ex Officio
Kate Conley, Ex Officio
Carla Costello, Ex Officio
Samuel Jones, Ex Officio
Matthew Lambert, Ex Officio
Dennis Manos, Ex Officio
Anna Martin, Ex Officio

*Colin Danly
*Christian Bale

* indicates new member