William and Mary

Admission Policy Advisory Committee

The committee serves as an advisory body on matters pertaining to the College's undergraduate admission and financial aid.  The committee works closely with the Associate Provost for Enrollment and staff from the admission and financial aid offices.

  • Committee is appointed
  • Advisory: Provost
  • Term:  3 years
  • Chair:  Appointed by the Provost
Membership (2013-14)

John Donahue, Chair
Chuck Bailey (Spring 2014)
Bill Cooke (Fall 2013)
*Michael Daise (Fall 2013)
Larry Evans
Mark Hofer
Rom Lipcius
Deborah Morse (Spring 2014)
*Chris Nemacheck
*Connie Pilkington
*Margaret Saha
*Junping Shi
Lisa Szykman
Francis Tanglao Aguas
Henry Broaddus, Ex Officio
Edward Irish, Ex Officio  
Tim Wolfe, Ex Officio

*Tara Amrhein
*Grace Fernandez
*Justin Fitze
*Nathan Marshall

*indicates new member