William & Mary

20th Century Presidents

Julian Chandler Dr. Julian Alvin Carroll Chandler

Graduate of William & Mary and Johns Hopkins University. Educator, textbook author, and college administrator; professor of English and history; superintendent of Richmond public schools.

John Bryan John Stewart Bryan
Graduate of the University of Virginia and Harvard. Lawyer, member of William & Mary Board of Visitors; publisher of Richmond Times-Dispatch and Richmond News Leader; president of the American Newspaper Publishers Association.
John Pomfret Dr. John Edwin Pomfret

Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Historian, author, professor of history, and college dean; director of the Huntington Library and Art Gallery at San Marino, California.

Alvin Chandler Alvin Duke Chandler

Educated at William & Mary and the United States Naval Academy. Military officer and educator.

Davis Paschall Dr. Davis Young Paschall

Graduate of William & Mary, with advanced degrees from the College and the University of Virginia. Educator, administrator, and author; state superintendent of public instruction

Thomas Graves Dr. Thomas Ashley Graves, Jr.

Came to the College of William & Mary from Harvard University, where he served as associate dean of the School of Business Administration.

Paul Verkuil Dr. Paul Robert Verkuil

Came to the college after serving as the dean of the law school at Tulane University.

Timothy Sullivan Timothy J. Sullivan

Graduated from William & Mary in 1966 and served the institution as professor of law and dean of the school of law.