19th Century Presidents

  Rev. John Bracken

Educated at William & Mary. Episcopal clergyman; rector of Bruton Parish; master of the grammar school and professor of humanity at William & Mary; mayor of Williamsburg.

John Smith Dr. John Augustine Smith

Educated at William & Mary and St. Thomas' Hospital, London. Physician and educator; professor of anatomy, surgery and physiology; president of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York.

  Dr. William Holland Wilmer

Graduate of Washington College, Kent County, Maryland, and Brown University. Episcopal clergyman and educator; rector of St. Paul's Church in Alexandria and Bruton Parish; professor of moral philosophy.

Adam Empie Rev. Adam Empie

Graduate of Union College. Episcopal clergyman; rector of parishes in New York, North Carolina, and Richmond, as well as Bruton Parish.

Thomas Dew Thomas Roderick Dew

Graduate of William & Mary. Political economist; educator; author; professor of history and political law.

Robert Saunders Robert Saunders, Jr.

Educated at William & Mary and the University of Virginia. Professor of mathematics at W&M; mayor of Williamsburg; president of the board of directors of the Eastern Lunatic Hospital.

John Johns Bishop John Johns

Graduate of Princeton. Episcopal clergyman; professor of moral philosophy; assistant bishop and bishop of the Diocese of Virginia.

Benjamin Ewell Benjamin S. Ewell

Graduate of the United States Military Academy. Soldier, civil engineer, and educator; professor of mathematics and military science; colonel of the college company in the 32nd Virginia Infantry.

Lyon Tyler Lyon G. Tyler

Graduate of the University of Virginia. Educator, lawyer, legislator, historian, genealogist, and author; founder of the William & Mary Quarterly and publisher of Tyler's Quarterly Historical Magazine.