H. Thomas Watkins III '74

H. Thomas Watkins III

Mr. Watkins graduated from William & Mary with a BBA in Accounting; he earned his MBA in 1979 from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Mr. Watkins most recently served as President and CEO of Human Genome Sciences until that company was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline in 2012. He is a recognized leader in the US bio-tech industry, having served as chair of the Biotechnology Industry Association. Currently he is Chair of the Board of Vanda Pharmaceuticals and a member of the board of Horizon Pharma, Inc. His previous business experience is with Abbott, TAP Pharmaceuticals, McKinsey & Co., and Arthur Andersen & Co. Mr. Watkins is a member of the Foundation Board of the William & Mary Mason School of Business and is a past chair of the College of William & Mary Foundation. His father, Hays Watkins, was a member of the Board of Visitors from 1984-1993 and served as Rector from 1987-1993; his daughter, Catherine, and son, Hays T. Watkins IV, are both graduates of William & Mary. Mr. Watkins was appointed to the Board of Visitors in 2013. Currently he serves as Vice Rector of the College, Chair of the Committee on Financial Affairs, Vice Chair of the Committee on Athletics (formerly Chair) and Vice Chair of the Committee on Strategic Initiatives and New Venture and is a member of the Board's Executive Committee. 

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