William & Mary

Committee on Financial Affairs

Kendrick F. Ashton, Jr., Chair
John E. Littel, Vice Chair
Lynn M. Dillion
Thomas R. Frantz
Christopher M. Little
Lisa E. Roday
Robert E. Scott
H. Thomas Watkins III
Eric Chason, faculty representative
Samuel E. Jones, Vice President for Finance

(Investments Subcommittee- Kendrick F. Ashton, Lynn M. Dillion) 

The Committee on Financial Affairs shall consider and make recommendations concerning the general direction and control of the financial affairs of William & Mary and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, concerning the submission and approval of any and all budgets; and concerning the administration of the financial policies and procedures established by the Board. It shall have power and authority, subject to the guidelines set by the Board of Visitors, to invest and reinvest all funds held by the Board as an endowment or in trust for the uses and purposes of William & Mary, of Richard Bland College and of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, and with the assistance of the President of William & Mary and the President of Richard Bland College shall direct and control the handling of investments by an investment counsel or depository agent at any time employed by the Board of Visitors.