William & Mary

Committee on Audit & Compliance

John Charles Thomas, Chair
Leigh A. Pence, Vice Chair
Ann Green Baise
John E. Littel
Christopher M. Little
DeRonda M. Short
Kent B. Erdahl, Director of Internal Audit
Kiersten L. Boyce, Chief Compliance Officer and Title IX/ADA Coordinator
Samuel E. Jones, Vice President for Finance
Anna B. Martin, Vice President for Administration

The Committee on Audit & Compliance shall oversee the Office of Internal Audit, which is charged with the responsibility of auditing William & Mary and Richard Bland College, and shall consider and make recommendations on policy matters pertaining to campus safety and security and risk management. The Director of Internal Audit shall be directly responsible to the Committee on Audit & Compliance in the formation of an annual Audit Plan. The President of William & Mary and the President of Richard Bland College may advise and consult with the Committee on any matter pertaining to internal auditing. The Committee shall perform an annual evaluation of the Director of Internal Audit during the Board’s annual meeting for recommendation to the full Board.